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How to help your skin recover post Christmas..

Hands up who neglected their skin over Christmas?

Hands up who ate and drank more than normal?

And hands up who had way more late nights than early?

I'm guessing you nodded along to at least one of those.. am I right?

Christmas is a time to enjoy ourselves and indulge in treats we wouldn't usually, that's what makes it special after all but for most of us, the effects of Christmas can be seen and felt as soon as January comes.

In today's blog I want to give you some tips on the best ways to help your skin recover from your festive antics and to motivate you to get your skin looking refreshed and renewed for 2022.

Get back into routine ASAP!

We all know creating new habits and routines can take a while and yet strangely enough, we seem to be able to break them in no time don't we? The most important thing you can do it to make the decision to get back into your usual routine straight away! Don't put it off any longer. Make the commitment that you are going to get back to doing your usual morning and evening skin care routine again today and you will feel immediately better that first time you do it (plus your skin will thank you for it)

Drink your water

This is something we hear all the time and is something that makes a huge difference to the skin and is of course free! (which we all need in January) Drinking water will hydrate your skin, brighten your eyes and boost your energy (another thing we need in January)

I know many people find this tough but some of my tips to help with this are to choose a nice water bottle, it sounds stupid but just hear me out! - If we have a nice bottle that we like the look of and like the straw or the top, it makes us much more likely to drink from it.

Try carrying it everywhere you go and I mean everywhere! Most of us get so busy running our day we completely forget to drink water so by carrying it around with us we have a constant reminder.

Reward yourself with a warm cuppa. At this time of year we naturally want to reach for a nice warm drink over our water so set yourself a little target, once you have drank 2 bottles of water, you will reward yourself with a nice coffee or tea. It means you don't have to deprive yourself of your favourite hot drink but means you will be more motivated to drink that water faster to get it.

Give yourself a weekly home facial

Your skin needs a boost after Christmas so put some time aside to spend a little bit longer on your skin once a week and give yourself a longer cleanse, use an exfoliator to brighten and apply a hydrating face mask. I love running a nice warm bath and locking the door and giving this time to myself. I not only see the difference afterwards but I feel amazing too.

Skin Supplements

If you take skin supplements and have fallen off the wagon over Christmas, then get back on it now! I'm sure you can see the difference already from not taking them..

If you don't take skin supplements, now really is the perfect time to introduce them into your routine. What we put inside our bodies really does make a big difference to how we look and the biggest benefit of a skin supplement is that it will touch every single cell inside our bodies where when we compare to our skincare that is applied topically, if we can get those active ingredients into our body direct, we are going to see greater overall results.

My favourite skin supplements are Collagen to firm, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump and Omegas to balance the skin and ease winter dryness.

Key Ingredients to look for

Key ingredients your skin needs at this time of the year are Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

HA will hydrate and plump the skin which is essential at this time of year when we are constantly going between central heating and cold weather outside.

Vitamin C will brighten the skin and help to bring that glow that we so desperately want in Winter.

I'll link some of my favourite HA and Vit C products below.


Finally, get your beauty sleep in! After all, not much usually happens in January, so it's the perfect time to catch up on those early nights you have missed over Christmas.

As you sleep your skin will naturally regenerate itself so if you have had one too many late nights recently, I can guarantee you will be seeing the effects on your skin. Pop your night cream on and get those zzz in, you won't regret it in the morning.

I hope you have found these tips useful and I'd love to hear if you plan on trying any of them?

Sarah x

PS My favourite HA and Vit C products are:

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