C7 Booster

C7 Booster


Anti Wrinkle and radiance booster, 7 day treatment.


This cure, highly concentrated in pure vitamin C, revives the radiance of the complexion and reduces the depth of wrinkles.


The concept, 7 beads of anhydrous vitamin C combined with an activating serum that instantly rehydrates them and potentiates their skin assimilation. 

  • How to use

    Use for seven days in the evening after removing make up and cleasing the skin. Place one drop of Vitamin C in the hands, add two pipettes of activating liquid and mix by closing the hands one over the other until smooth, even texture is formed. 

    Apply the hands over the face and neck. The light texture melts onto the skin and penetrates quickly. 

    The skin is more supple, with wrinkles reduced ad radiance revived.