At Sarah Johnson Facialist, a complete range of skin supplements are available and recommended as part of your prescribed anti ageing solution, home care package. This, like your skincare will work to greatly improve your overall anti ageing skin results.

 The greatest benefit for taking a skin supplement is that a supplement will touch every single cell in the body and not just the area that it is applied to. This means it will treat body and face alike.

Skincare expert Sarah, has spent time and research on lots of different brands before deciding to offer a range of 4 types of skin supplements from the organic company PHYT'S.

PHYT'S concept is built on 100% naturally grown ingredients, they don't use anything harmful or not fully tested to be safe. All ingredients are 100% traceable and environmentally friendly and she really feels this is key especially when this is a product you will be taking internally. 

Please Note: All supplements are non-refundable