Restorative face lotion, immediate smoothing
Introducing a new step in your beauty routine – this high-tech treatment lotion is the perfect corrective preparatory product. Use as the first step in your morning beauty routine to smooth out the features and smooth wrinkles. The HYALU-ESSENCE lotion is enriched with hyaluronic acid, the cosmetic medicine sector's star ingredient. It is also infused with a powerful skin relaxing active ingredient which inspires itself from Botulinum toxin to soften the lines of the face and minimize tension lines. A toning active ingredient is also added for instantly firmer-looking skin.
The face is left smooth and plump


Content : 200 ml

  • Main Active Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid + Lift active ingredient

  • Application

    Apply with a cotton pad or the fingertips before HYALUPERF-SERUM.

  • Results

    After 7 days: 86% Skin is relaxed** 
    82% Skin is plumped** 77% Night marks disappear** 

    *Results expressed in % of satisfaction of 22 women after one single use. applications 
    **Results expressed in % of satisfaction of 22 women, 2 applications per day for 7 days.