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The Sarah Johnson Facialist Cleansing Solution Sponge

Cleansing. It's a vital part of your skincare routine but yet I hear so many clients tell me that they don't like doing it or that they find it a bit of a chore.

Cleansing is the single most important step and is the foundation for every other skin care step you take so is essential to do (twice daily) but if we can find a routine we enjoy and stop seeing it as a chore, this becomes a total game changer.

There are many different cleansers out there and I wholeheartedly know that there is a product that is suitable for every single person's skin, lifestyle and preference. It is really important not to copy what friends or influencers are using on their skin because their skin is almost certainly not going to be the same as yours.

Matis Paris have a huge range of cleansers from foams, gels, oils, waters and milks and I am so passionate about helping clients choose the right cleanser because I have seen first hand the difference it can make to the skin.. let me explain.

In my late teens and early 20s I committed the ultimate sin every skin specialist never wants to say.. I used face wipes.. OMG yes me.. I feel a bit mortified even just typing this but hear me out ok!! - In my defence, I was young, lazy and not as educated as I am now about skin care.

What I didn't realise then was I actually was not cleaning my face properly at all! Infact, I was pretty much just moving the dirt around my face and increasing the sensitivity of my already delicate skin.

The day I introduced a proper cleanser was a big day for my skin! I realised it actually didn't take that much time and was actually quite enjoyable and goodness me did I feel clean in comparison to my post face wipe "clean"

When I first began cleansing, I used disposable cotton pads to remove the cleanser and my make up. Although this was a definite upgrade from my wipes, it was still ending up quite costly and also not very good for the environment, so I started to search for better alternatives..

Next came the flannel or face cloth as you may call it. I bought a handful of them and made sure I had enough for when some were in the wash and although this was much better for my purse and the environment, I used to find no matter how expensive they were, or even if I tumble dried them, over time they lost their softness and started to feel slightly rough on my skin. There had to be another option for this..

So I started to research and came across microfibre sponges. You may already be familiar with microfibre cloths, I have a lot of these for cleaning my house and they are known for their extreme softness.

Microfibre is completely non toxic and can even be used on babies skin thanks to its gentleness.

For a year or so, I have been considering producing my own product of some kind to offer to clients. At the time I wasn't sure what that would be but I knew it had to be something that would benefit everyone and be something people would actually need. When I began researching the cleansing options I decided, this was the perfect product. This was an item that would be suitable for everyone and something that everyone could use.

The process took 3 months from start to finish as I must admit, I am very fussy with every minor detail but when you are putting your name to something, it has to be right and I wanted to be certain this was perfect.. and I am pleased to say it is!

Introducing, the Sarah Johnson Facialist Cleansing Solution Sponge! This is now available to purchase both in salon and online at

Each microfibre sponge comes in it's own waterproof zip lock bag which means you have somewhere to store when damp and makes travelling with them no issue! The label also doubles up as a convenient way to pop your finger through to hold the sponge against the skin, making cleansing totally effortless.

I really wanted to create a product that was affordable as well as high quality and I am pleased to share that they will be priced at just £7 each, or 3 for £18.

I have had so many incredible review and messages since they launched earlier this month and I am overwhelmed with the love for them already!

To purchase your sponge click the link below

Sarah x

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