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Introducing The Cleansing Solution Sponge exclusively created for Sarah Johnson Facialist. A game changer for your cleansing routine!


Save money and the environment with this super soft microfibre sponge that will gently and effectively remove all traces of make up and skincare products leaving your face completely clean without any aggravation.


Its innovative technology means it can be washed and reused over and over, saving hundreds of single-use cotton pads from the bin and reducing your impact on the environment in the process.


It’s been designed to be kind to the skin, too. Its super soft and non-toxic material makes it gentle enough for all skin types and suitable for everyone – even babies.


The Cleansing Solution Sponge is available as a single sponge for £8 or 3 x sponges for £21.


Rinse through after every use with soap.

Wash once a week on a 60c wash with white washing only.

Sponges will last around 200 washes.

No iron or tumble-dry.

Sarah Johnson Facialist Cleansing Solution Sponge

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