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Would you like to be skin confident for Christmas?

Eeeek! I said it! The C word.. (no not Covid!) - Christmas!!!

As I type this months Blog post, I have just heard today that it is only 100 days until Christmas! Wow! How has that even happened?!

So, we are leading up to one of the busiest times in the whole year and although none of us truly have any idea of what the next few months are going to look like, one thing is for certain many of us are super excited about making up for last years lack of socialising and events.

I for one have already pre booked a few events I would like to do this year and I feel like in general there's more of an excitement this year about what's to come. Last year we had so many things cancelled and were unable to spend time with some of the people we really love so I think this year we are all going to be itching to get out and have some fun!

How does this link to skin you might be thinking?

Well, traditionally Christmas time is the busiest time for the beauty industry. With more social events than any other time of the year, it's important we look and feel our absolute best.

The last couple of years have taken its toll on many of us and we have missed having that opportunity to get dressed up and venture out. So if you are looking in the mirror and not liking those crows feet or jowl lines, let's start the process now to get you skin confident by Christmas!

I provide some incredible treatments that can give instant results but, if you want real, long term anti ageing results or, to target concerns you may have had for some time, one session really isn't going to cut it in fact, I often have clients joke with me they'd like me to take 10 years off in a single session! (I mean I'm good but I'm not a magician!!)

Realistically, it can take time to see real results and that is why I created my Bespoke 12 Week Skin Transformation Programmes. Now disclaimer, these programmes are not for everyone. They are a commitment of time and require you to put the work in at home as well as coming in for weekly treatments so they really are only for ladies who are serious about achieving their skin goals.

I have created 3 different bespoke programmes Initial, Intensive & Ultimate based on the common concerns clients ask for help with however, in some cases it is necessary to tweak the programmes to the individual client.

  • Initial - This is designed for ladies who are just seeing the very first signs of ageing or for those ladies who wish you prevent ageing from occurring - remember prevention is always way easier than cure so is ideally the best place to start. We introduce a full skincare range based on different types of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, fill and smooth the skin. We include treatments that will smooth, brighten and plump the skin and skin supplements that support the whole package.

  • Intensive - This is for ladies who are already seeing the signs of ageing, those with dull tired skin, wrinkles & loss of tone. This programme will reset your skin by lifting and toning and bringing that radiance back. We use a comprehensive skin care range that supports your collagen and elastin network and will restructure and redensify face volume. Advanced treatments will work on skin texture and directly on to facial muscles to give incredible anti ageing results. 2 types of Skin supplements are also given to boost the results.

  • Ultimate - This really is the creme del a creme of programmes and is for ladies who want the absolute best anti ageing treatments and to see the ultimate skin transformation. Your programme begins at home with the most premium range of skincare available that contains 47 different types of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the skin to function correctly. They will work to strengthen and supercharge the skin as well as amplifying skin regeneration. We use treatments that will work on boosting radiance, anti pigmentation, lifting & sculpting the face as well as collagen inducing treatments to firm and tone the skin.

When you sign up to one of my skin transformation programmes you get:

  1. Full support from the start and throughout the whole programme

  2. 12 Weeks of Advanced Skin Treatments to prevent ageing or turn back the clock

  3. Full prescribed professional home care plan to use alongside your treatments

  4. Skin Supplements to treat the skin from within and boost your results

  5. Personal Accountability and direct access to me in between treatments

  6. VIP Membership opportunity at the the end of your programme

To read more about my skin transformation programmes click the link below

To make an appointment for your Advanced Skin Transformation Consultation, click here

Let's get you skin confident by Christmas!

- Sarah Johnson Facialist

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