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Which Order to apply your Daily Skincare..

In this months Blog I have decided to write a piece answering something I get asked an awful lot in the treatment room. Although sometimes I take for granted as this is second nature to me, the volume of people who have asked me this same question over the years makes me think so many of us don't actually realise.. So, what comes first? Which way round? These are all very FAQ so here goes.

1. Cleanser.. So I'd like to think that we all know that we cleanse first but I guess anyone could be reading this so for the benefit of any complete skincare novices I will explain why!! Cleansing will quite simply 'clean' the face. It will remove dirt, oil, grime and debris that we all build up throughout the day and most importantly remove makeup. I talk about double cleansing a lot and it's something I really think everyone should be doing as it really makes such a difference. Cleansing will prepare the skin for the rest of your products and we need our skin to be free from oil and grime for the rest of our skincare to be able to do it's job.

2. Toner.. Toners have come a long way over the years from those alcohol based ones that used to sting and strip the skin but unfortunately I think many people still have that memory when they think of a toner as I find sales of toners are not as high as cleansers and these should be on par. They should come hand in hand think of it as butter on the toast, without the butter the toast is lacking softness and moisture!! A modern day Toner should be full of hydrating ingredients and they are essentially priming your skin for other ingredients to be better absorbed.

3. Eye Cream.. An eye cream should not be a luxury item or a product you wait to purchase until you HAVE wrinkles! The eye area is the most delicate part of the face and on average ages 10 years faster than the rest of our face so if you are currently 30, your eye area is technically 40 and so on.. yikes scary huh? A specific eye cream is essential and not one of those things that is a waste of money as they are designed completely different to facial creams. They should be lighter in texture and will also have delicate properties to stop the eye area becoming irritated or puffy. Serums and Facial creams need to avoid the eye area as they can cause irritation so make sure you apply your specific Eye cream first.

4. Serum.. This is where the magic happens and where to really can achieve specific results. Serums are full of high active ingredients and is what really makes a big difference to the skin. Serums vary depending on what your concern eg. if you are a very sensitive skin you will be looking for a serum that will calm and soothe away redness. If you have a skin that has lots of pigmentation, you will be looking for a serum that will exfoliate, lighten and brighten. If you have got loss of tone you will be looking for a serum to lift and tighten the skin etc etc. Tip! It is always worth splashing out on a more expensive serum and is the one item out of them all I would always recommend you do this for.

(For specific advise on the best serum for you please get in touch)

5. Moisturiser.. Think of this as your protective coat for your skin. In summer months you may need a lighter jacket and in winter we may need one with a bit more protection. Your cream will add moisture, protect and also helps to trap in all of the products underneath to make the ingredients more effective.


The final part of your routine should always be SPF. A moisturiser or foundation with added SPF is never enough and should never be relied on. You need to be using a broad spectrum sunscreen which protects against UVB and UVA rays on top of your daily moisturiser.

I hope you have found this helpful!

Sarah x

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