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Welcome to the Sarah Johnson Facialist Blog..

Hello and Welcome!

I have had a dream of starting my own blog for years now.. actually, at least 4 years and never done anything about it.. until now.

Why now I hear you ask? Well why not hey?! Lockdown has given me the opportunity of time, time to focus on things that usually get added to the never ending 'to do list' other wise known as the 'never getting round to!'

So for those who may read this who don't know me, I shall do a basic introduction and a little background story to hopefully help you to get to know me a little more..

My name, as you will have probably guessed is 'Sarah Johnson' but who is she you may be thinking in a tone like Nikki Graham from Big Brother!? (loved that series!) well I am a wife, and a mum of 2 girls aged 5 and 1 from Yarm, Teesside and I have worked in the Beauty Industry for 15 years. (Yikes! That makes me feel so old)

Beauty therapy was something I always wanted to do even whilst still at school, I think I was initially attracted by the smart uniform and how immaculate the girls looked if ever i'd seen any therapists whilst out and about in our local town. When channel 4's TV programme 'The Salon' aired on our screens whilst I was still in school it completely cemented it for me, I was obsessed and knew it was the career for me. My favourite to watch on there was a beauty therapist also named Sarah and she was from a place just down the road to me, Middlesbrough! That drew me in even more and when I heard on the local news she had set up her own Beauty Room in a hair salon in Middlesbrough after the show, I had to get the opportunity to meet her.

When it was time to do my work experience from school, I went with my Mum to her salon and asked her if I could do my week with her. I was a totally star struck and so excited when she said yes and I even made my parents buy me a proper beauty tunic even though that was completely unnecessary for 1 week! I felt so proud strutting into the salon each day looking the part! And that was where my Beauty journey began..

I left school at 16 and went straight Kirby College and began my NVQ in Beauty Therapy. After a matter of weeks I was transferred to an Apprenticeship and got the dream of being able to gain salon experience whilst training and I loved meeting clients and working in a salon environment. After qualifying, I took an opportunity to run the Beauty side of a brand new up and coming Anti ageing clinic in Darlington and it was here I had the chance to train in more advanced treatments such as Microdermabrasion and Microcurrent and also where my love for skincare and anti ageing treatments began.

After a couple of years there, I decided I was ready for more and with the encouragement from my now husband Anthony, I found a beauty room to rent in a hair salon. I was just 19 years old! This seemed a good stepping stone and not as daunting as a full salon but after a few months I realised I'd made a mistake and the location didn't suit me or my clients and I knew I had to find alternative premises or i'd risk loosing all of my loyal clients I had gained.

After a bit of a frantic search I found a perfect location on the High Street in Yarm and enjoyed 6 successful years there before deciding to sell up and start up my home salon after the birth of my first daughter in 2015. Working from home allows me to have much more flexibility around my family as well as giving my clients a more exclusive and private experience.

I won awards with Matis Paris for Highly Commended in 2015, Therapist of The Year and Gold Salon of the Year in 2016 and that gave me the confidence to follow my passion and to specialise in Facials and Skincare treatments.

We moved into our dream home in 2019, I had my perfect salon built with a separate access, waiting area, customer toilet and huge treatment room. I absolutley love it and feel so very lucky to have this space in my home.

I am passionate about helping women look and feel their absolute best for their age and I strongly feel, with the right skincare products and professional treatments, you can look younger without the need to have anything invasive or surgical.

So what can you expect from this blog?

Well I plan to share my skin tips and expert knowledge, details on what kind of skin issues I can help with and how I can do this, my take on the latest beauty trends and much more!

Thank you for reading and looking forward to writing again next month!

Sarah x

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