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VIP Membership 2022

This months Blog Post is super exciting as it is all about my exclusive VIP Membership programmes and as the doors are opening in just a matter of weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to explain what is is and who it's for.

The VIP Membership programmes launched for the first time just 12 months ago after an idea I had about how I could make clients feel that little bit more special. Although I like every client to feel special when they enter my salon, I liked the idea of making it official somehow.

I don't know about you but I LOVE to feel like a VIP in what ever I do. Whether that's choosing to wear the nicer outfit over leggings and a top for the school run, booking a better room in a hotel or upgrading my train tickets to first class, I really like to feel like I have chosen the best possible option available in what ever I do plus and probably more importantly, I love the way it makes me feel. I feel good when I choose the VIP option.

The Membership is only open to existing clients and consists of 4 different packages that you can select from that each have different choices of bespoke facials. You get 13 facials in your membership to use throughout 2022. In an ideal world, you would come for a facial once every 4 weeks (hence the 13 facials) but you have total flexibility to choose how you have your facials throughout the year.

There are many perks to becoming a VIP Member and this year I have added many more new additions to the 'benefit list.' A couple of months ago, I sent a survey out to all of my current VIP Members to find out their opinions on their membership, what they loved, what they didn't love and any ideas of what they would like to see going forward.. I was absolutely blown away to read so many similar comments of how much they loved the VIP feeling and little perks and treats more than anything else because of how special it made them feel. So I used this feedback to build on 2021's membership and I am really excited to share I have some fantastic new treats for 2022.

As a VIP Member, as well as your 13 Bespoke Facials, you receive VIP Membership Benefits - worth over £650!

  • Advanced Skin Analysis every 3 months worth £50 each

  • Priority booking

  • Early preview on new products launches and samples

  • 10% off all retail

  • 10% on any additional treatments

  • Free seasonal masterclass training worth £200

  • Free tickets to events

  • Free bespoke treatments upgrades* 1 per treatment

  • Free back massages worth £35

  • Birthday Gift

  • Seasonal Treats

One of the main things I stated when I first created the membership, was that I really wanted to keep it for a small group of clients as I truly believe for it to keep it's special-ness and true VIP feeling, you can only achieve if it is kept limited. This is why the places are limited.

There are 15 places in total for 2022. I have already sold 8 spaces to my current VIP Members as they had a chance to renew early (VIP Perks) so this means there are just 7 places left to join.

The VIP Membership will open on Black Friday 26th November at 7am and you sign up via the website (linked below.)

"What I love most about being a VIP Member is that you really do feel different to other clients. Sarah goes out of her way to make me feel special every single month" - Nicola

To read more details about the different VIP Membership programmes and to sign up when they are released on Black Friday, click the link here

I cannot wait to spoil my VIPS again next year!

Sarah x

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