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The Ultimate Skin Awakening

Are you finally ready to emerge from Winter? I know I am!

After what seems to be an everlasting winter, signs of Spring are finally appearing and that means it's time to gently awaken our skin from winter and prepare for warmer, brighter days.

Winter plays havoc on our skin. It's dark and cold and we can have extreme changes is weather. (Where did that snow come from last week?!) The central heating blasting all the time really sucks the moisture out of our skin and causes dehydration for all of us, no matter how good your skin care routine is.

When our skin is dehydrated, lines appear more noticeable and we feel like we look older. Winter also contributes to excess dryness on our skin and when we lack nourishment, our skin can feel tight and we can often see dry patches on the surface.

Lack of Vitamin D can also make our skin appear dull and lifeless and find us reaching for extra bronzer on a morning to 'perk us up'.

Then there's our bodies.. we all know the scenario, you get out the warm shower and it's freezing. You know you really should put some body lotion on - but your cosy pyjamas were calling you and you know you'll be covered up all week so it doesn't matter right?.. Not until the sunshine starts to make a welcome appearance after a long winter and we suddenly find ourselves reaching for shorter trousers or tops and.. yep, you regret not looking after your body so much over winter!

The good news, I have created the perfect solution to help you get your face AND body ready for Spring:

The Ultimate Skin Awakening Experience..

It's time to brighten those dull complexions, pack in the hydration and fully rejuvenate ready for Spring

Your limited edition, 90 minute experience will begin with a bespoke facial where we will start with a gentle, smoothing skin peel to remove any traces of dry skin from the surface and add instant brightness to dull, tired skin.

You will enjoy an uplifting face, neck and shoulder massage to ease away tension and boost circulation.

A Matis brightening and hydrating mask will be applied that will quench thirsty skins and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

You will then lay under the award winning Dermalux LED Phototherapy device which will rejuvenate the collagen synthesis and regenerate the skin.

Your experience will then continue onto the body where you will receive a full body exfoliation with a gentle glycolic scrub that will smooth dry areas and leave you with soft skin.

Hydration will be then introduced with a gentle massage with vitamin pearls that will give the skin the moisture it desperately needs at this time of year.

Your experience does not stop there! You will then be able to continue the results at home as you take 2 full size Matis products home worth £37.

This experience is available to purchase now but there are only 6 left at the time of writing this blog.

To purchase, click below or if you have any questions, please contact me at

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