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The best Facials to have before a holiday

Ahh summer time, the perfect time of year to book a nice holiday and of course we want our skin to be looking it's absolute best for those holiday snaps.

I am often asked, if there are certain facial treatments that are better to have pre holiday and also, if there are some that I wouldn't recommend pre holiday so I thought this would make a great topic for a blog.

Should you have a Facial treatment before you go on holiday?

Yes absolutely! Holiday is a time where usually, we will be not wearing makeup so it is a great idea to have a skin treatment prior to travelling as it ensures your skin is in tip top condition before we subject it to sun, air conditioning and more indulging food and drinks.

Are there certain treatments to avoid pre holiday?

Also yes! The sun can make our skin more sensitive so I would always refrain from certain types of skin peels prior to going away.

Other treatments such as Microneedling have a slight down time where the skin needs to recover in order to see results so again, this is something I would not suggest doing too close to a holiday.

Which treatments are best prior to a holiday?

Pre holiday treatments should be more about results. Post holiday is more about repair.

(To read about that click this link:)

The Ultimate Skin Renu is an incredible power house combination of 7 different results driven elements, such as a gentle Glow Peel, Microcurrent, Radiofrequency, LED Light Therapy, Cryo Coolifting, Sonophoresis Ultrasound & Cryo Globe stimulation.

This treatment has no downtime what so ever but will give you incredible anti ageing results. Your skin will be looking its absolute best.

It's Perfect for - Improving skin texture, radiance boosting, loss of firmness, collagen boosting, skin regeneration, lines & wrinkles, and of course pre holiday.

"Achieve a total skin renu" with this treatment exclusively created by me.

The Ultimate Skin Renu - £150 (2 hours)

Glow, Lift & Plump is another treatment of choice pre holiday. If you are looking for a power hour results driven treatment, this is perfect for you!

This treatment will work on some of the most common skin concerns such as dullness, lines, wrinkles and loss of tone.

Including a gentle Glow Peel, Microcurrent eye and jaw lift, Cryo Coolifting and Cryo Globe stimulation.

Perfect for - Radiance boosting, tightening the jaw line, lifting eyes, reducing wrinkles

Glow, Lift & Plump - £95 (1 hour)


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