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Skin Tips for the upcoming change in season..

We are now back in full force with the new September routine at the Johnson house and although I am hopeful we still get some more nice, sunny days this month, I really feel Autumn is calling now and it got me thinking about the changes we can make in our skincare routines to prepare us for the up and coming change in season.

Do you adapt your skin care at different times of the year?

I know I talk to so many clients who continue to use the same routine all year long, and although this doesn't necessarily damage the skin, it doesn't always help the skin either.

So I have put 6 tips together for how you can prep your skin for the upcoming change in season..

1. Exfoliate and Smooth the skin - The sun can leave uneven, bumpy skin from extra use of sun cream and sweating in the heat or worse, we may be left with brown patches of sun damage. Now I hope exfoliating is already part of your skin routine.. but we need to do it even more so right now.

If we are just dealing with regular post summer bumps and dullness then your regular exfoliator should cut it but, if you maybe haven't protected your skin as much as you should have over the last few months, then you may need to use something stronger or consider a Peel Treatment. (don't worry Peels can vary in degree and many people enjoy a light 'lunchtime' peel and carry on with their normal life)

2. Focus more on hydration - The summer often leaves us dehydrated so now is a good time to look for products containing Hyaluronic Acid to plump and re-hydrate the skin. A serum is great for this or consider introducing a hydration mask to really give your skin an extra boost.

3. Be mindful when finishing your current skincare - If your moisturising cream or serum is coming to an end, have a think about the type of consistency and ingredients it is and whether or not that particular product is going to be the right product for you over the change in climate. If you have been using a more lightweight product over the summer, the chances are you will be looking for a slightly more hydrating and moisturising product over the cooler months. A typical moisturising cream can last 3-4 month so you really want to be sure you are making the right decision if you are due to replace any time soon.

4. Use Collagen based products - Summer sun exposure depletes collagen meaning the sun breaks our collagen down. Collagen supports the skin and gives us our firmness and elasticity, so make a point of looking for products that contain collagen to replace some of what has been lost over the summer.

5. Continue daily use of SPF - I shouldn't need to say this but I know there are still people who will be thinking they don't need to bother applying SPF once the summer has passed. THIS IS WRONG!!!! If anything, in Autumn the sun is lower in the sky so actually it is even more important.

6. Schedule a Facial - It's a great time of year to focus on you! September and October sees us return to more of a routine with kids going back to school and I always think it's a perfect time where many of us have more chance to practice some self care. A professional facial will not only feel super relaxing but it will include higher active ingredient based products or machines to give a deeper result that what can be achieved at home.

I hope you found these tips helpful and do let me know if you try any yourself.

Sarah x

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