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Show Your Skin Some Love This Month

Ahh February. The official month of love. While traditionally this refers to showering your significant other with love, recent years has seen the Valentines and Love theme extended beyond that and I am all for it!

January is a struggle for many, there often doesn't seem like there is much to look forward to and personally, I 'love' the fact that February has a more positive vibe to it.

I also don't think we should limit this to Valentines Day - personally, I think it is a perfect excuse to spend the month doing more of the things we love not just with the people we love.

We should always show love to our skin. Our skin's main role is to protect the rest of our bodies which is why we must always prioritise taking care of it.

"To love the skin you're in means complete acceptance of your body whatever size, shape or form it is"

So here is a list of tips and ideas on how you can show your skin some love this month..

Take some extra time on your daily skin care routine:

Life is busy, I get it. There often doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done but I'd urge you to take a little bit of extra time this month, if you can to really enjoy the process of your daily skin care routine.

This may not be possible on a morning but if on an evening, you can take a bit of extra time to intentionally do your skin care routine, you will feel the benefits as well as just seeing them.

Take time to notice the textures and scents on all of your products. How does each one feel as you apply onto your skin?

Skin care should always deliver results as a priority but, I also believe that we should be able to appreciate the appearance of beautiful packaging on our dressing tables. I believe we should enjoy the feel of a product as we put it on our skin and if it has a pleasant aroma, that is also an added benefit to the whole experience.

Your daily skin care routine should always be enjoyable rather than another thing to tick off your to do list but we often forget about that in the midst of life.

So next time you do your routine, try and take a moment longer to enjoy the experience.

Remember skin means the body too:

When we refer to 'skin' we often automatically think of the skin on our face. Our poor bodies are often neglected, especially in the winter time.

This month, take some time to give your body some love. Run yourself a bath with some lovely bath products, relax and read a good book or listen to a positive podcast.

Dig out that body scrub and exfoliate dry, dull skin away then apply a hydrating body cream to lock in that moisture.

Finish by slipping on your favourite silk pyjamas and making yourself a warm drink in your favourite mug.. ahh sounds so dreamy right?

Get your zzz in:

This next point follows on quite perfectly from the previous suggestion.

Sleep is an essential part of overall health. While we sleep, our body goes into repair mode from the days events and new collagen is stimulated. Sleep is essential for waking feeling energised and for looking renewed.

Make the most of the remaining winter nights by getting a few early nights this month.

Don't worry! Be happy:

There is a distinct link to the skin and mind.

Your skin is the most sensitive organ on the whole body. If you are worried or going through stress, it will usually always show on the skin.

So, learn to find ways to cope with stress and general worries. Try being out in nature, spending time with people who light you up or try meditation or mindfulness.

Learn to unwind, find joy in the simple things and be kind to yourself.

We all deserve to give ourself love.

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