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Seasonal Additions for 2022 at Sarah Johnson Facialist

Unless you are totally new around here, you will know by now that I like to change things up from time to time. Infact, many of my clients often comment how I am always full of new ideas and I must admit, I do love the buzz and excitement I get when a new idea runs away with me.

This year is going to be no different and I am so excited to be sharing 3 new additions that I have already started to implement that will be updated seasonally for you all to enjoy.


This is something I am so excited to be providing and really came as a bit of a light bulb moment at the very beginning of the year when I was reminiscing about my yearly Anniversary & Christmas Shopping Event back in November. This really is one of the highlights of my year and the feedback I get from everyone who attends is always so wonderful, I suddenly thought to myself.. why do I have to wait a whole year until the next one?!

So yearly events are officially no more and they will be replaced by Seasonal Events. The format of each event will be similar but will all have a different theme that is supported by that season.

My first Seasonal Event of 2022 - Reboot & Restart, was the end of January and was an opportunity for clients to enjoy a warming hot chocolate while I carried out an Advanced Skin Analysis and Review to see exactly where their skin was post Christmas. Clients enjoyed a winter edition flash solution treatment before we discussed their 2022 Skin Goals and planned the steps involved to get us there this year.

These events are all private, in person, 1-1 and will continue to be this format as I feel it really allows me to take more time to provide a better service to the individual client.

My next event, Spring Clean Your Skin is going to be on Saturday 26th March and tickets will be on sale very soon.

Seasonal Skin Solution Kits

Tieing in nicely with my Seasonal Events, I am going to be creating limited edition, seasonal skin solution kits that will be released at each of my events as a pre sale before later going live online.

These kits will contain items hand picked by myself that I believe are essential solutions for the current season and will be suitable for all skin types and will slot into all routines. There will be also a Deluxe Edition available each season which will include a bespoke treatment.

I have a couple of my Winter Edition Skin Solution Sets still available. Click the link below

Seasonal Experiences

This is possibly the one I am most excited for!

I have spent the last 7 years creating my own bespoke facial treatments and my Results Driven Experiences are always my most popular services. However, I do occasionally receive feedback from clients, that although the results are incredible, some ladies miss the more pampering element.

I have decided to create a solution for this and I am now going to be providing limited edition treatment experiences that will be a combination of both relaxing and advanced treatments that will be available for just a limited time.

The Thermal Rejuvenation Experience was released just last week and sold out in less than 24 hours! The next Seasonal Experience - Skin Awakening is available from March - end of May and is available to pre book now by clicking the link below:

I hope you are as excited as me for the new additions? Let me know which one you like the sound of the most?

Sarah x

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