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Protect your skin from 'Day Light' NOT just the 'Sun'

If you've been in my world for a while, you will know I am super passionate about SPF and about protecting our skin from sun damage. Although I feel the message is slowly getting across to people, more so in recent years, I still come across clients most weeks who simply do not understand how important this subject is! So in aid of #sunawarenessweek I have written this months blog all about my favourite subject..

All of my clients come to see me with a goal of wanting some form of anti ageing skin transformation and I always explain the importance of including SPF in your routine every single day of the year. The sun is one of the biggest contributors to ageing on our skin (causes 80% of ageing!!) and I will not stop going on about how vital it is to protect until everyone is aware!

I think part of the problem we come across with people is the fact that it is called 'sun protection' which is quite mis-leading as it makes people think that they only need to protect their skin when the sun is shining. This is not true and is why I always refer to it as 'daylight protection' let me explain why..

There are 4 types of radiation that are known to cause damage on the skin.

1 - UVB - this is strongest in the summer and is there on a nice sunny day. UVB causes sun burn and makes up for just 5% of UV rays.

2 - UVA - This makes up for 95% of all UV rays, can penetrate through cloud, all year round and is known to prematurely age the skin.

3 - Visible Light - Penetrates cloud all year and is responsible for causing 33% of sun induced free radicals. This is also the key cause of pigmentation and age spots.

4 - Infrared A - Penetrates deep into the skin, causes damage all year round and can worsen wrinkles caused by UV.

Heliocare is the SPF range I recommend to all of my clients to use every single day to prevent the damages from UV and to stay looking younger!

There is a product suitable for every skin type and age and it gives you piece of mind that you are fully protected each and every day.

To see the full range visit the link below

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