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My Mid Year Reset - Part 1


It's been a little longer than normal since my last Blog Post but I hope you'll forgive me when you read today's upload and be pleased to hear that this is part 1 of 2 Blog posts I am going to be sharing with you this month to make up for my silence.

You may or may not realise this, but I really haven't been feeling myself for the last 6 or so weeks. After a sudden death in the family and an unbalanced few weeks away from work, it really seemed to affect me. Now, I know we all get days or even weeks where we feel a bit 'off' but for me, usually with a good nights sleep and a bit of self care, I am back to my usual self.. but not this time.

Instead of being able to 'snap out of it' or 'shake it off' - I found myself feeling tired, grumpy, snappy and unmotivated. All these characteristics I hate and so I was getting cross with myself for feeling and acting this way but only found the spiral was getting worse and I became more of all the above.

Thankfully, as I write today I am feeling much much more like myself and I wanted to share this with you because maybe you are feeling like this at the moment, or maybe you can relate to feeling like this at some point before.

You may be wondering what did I do to 'snap out of it' and I don't believe it was just one single thing that I did. I actually think it was a collective of a few different things and I want to share them with you today..

1. Spoke about how I was feeling - I am very lucky to have a really good circle of people around me that I know I can talk to and as soon as I spoke to those people, I instantly felt better. They made me realise that it was totally ok to be feeling like this and that I should give myself permission to feel this way and to be totally and utterly kind to myself, because we are more often than not, not kind to ourselves!

2. Got outdoors more - Mornings are a total rush 99.9% of the time! It doesn't matter how early I get up or how much I try and plan the night before, those last 10 minutes before we need to leave the door are chaotic and it's so easy to jump in the car and make the 5 minute journey to school. But over the last few weeks, I have made a conscious effort to walk to school and I am amazed at how different it has made me feel each day. As well as this, I asked 2 of my closest friends if they would like to start going to a walk each week so we can have a catch up and a bit of exercise and so each Monday for the last month I have done this and it really sets my week off in a positive way.

3. Cooked some healthy new meals - If you know me well, you'll know me and cooking are not a match made in heaven! I find it a total pain and don't enjoy it at all. I've tried meal delivery options before and failed miserably and ordered take away but this time I decided I was going to try harder and last week I enjoyed cooking 3 new Hello Fresh recipes and felt such a sense of satisfaction when we enjoyed a new recipe.

4. Reiki & Meditation - I've mentioned before, I really enjoy meditation and really feel a sense of calm is restored when I do this but, life often gets in the way and it can be weeks before I come back to it. This weekend, as well as meditation, I also tried distant Reiki with a lovely wellbeing practitioner I have crossed paths with through training work I have done. I really wasn't sure what to expect but I found the whole experience so relaxing and I genuinely felt restored and renewed afterwards and it really got me thinking how this kind of thing can play a huge part in our improving the quality of our lives and in reducing stress and negative emotions.

5. Self Care - I got in the salon and did a facial treatment on myself! Something you'd probably expect me to do all the time but much like the meditation, life can get in the way and although I am always so glad when I have done myself a treatment, getting me in there to begin with is often my biggest hurdle! I have promised myself that with my holiday countdown on, I am going to commit to a weekly facial on myself to help me look and feel more confident in time for my holiday.

So there we have it, my list of things that I feel have helped me regain my mojo!

Do you have anything that you would add to the list of things that have helped you previously?

As if by magic, we are now half way through the year, scary I know! - so I want to help you with a Mid Year Reset and I will be sharing some ideas on how you can achieve this in part 2 of this blog post so do look out for that.

If you found this helpful or if you resonated with it, I'd love for you to leave me a comment and let me know.

Sarah x

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