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Elevate your Cleansing routine..

I wanted to talk to you today about Cleansing. 

Cleansing is hands down the most crucial part of your skin care routine. If we are not cleansing effectively every morning and evening, it doesn't matter about any other products we use - the skin won't benefit. ​

I always suggest double cleansing on an evening, even if you don't wear any makeup. Your first cleanse breaks down any dirt, grime or makeup on the skin and your second cleanse allows the product to work deeper, to properly clean the skin. 

I am often asked if it is necessary to cleanse on a morning and despite some so called 'influencers' stating you don't need to, I completely disagree.

We all accumulate sweat on our skin while we sleep (even if you don't wake up shiny!) and so it is essential to remove any left over night serums and creams before we apply more products onto the skin.

The most important thing is to ensure you find a product you like to use on your skin each day, then you are more likely to want to use it!

There are many different textures and consistencies to choose from and at the moment I have some excellent value promotions for you to enjoy free products and big savings so you can elevate your cleansing routine and possibly introduce something new to your skin. 

Protective Duo - £32.54 Saving £29.96

Including a gentle cleansing foam. Suitable for all skin types and great for those who don’t like to use a cleansing cream or milk. Leaves the skin feeling super clean without drying. 

FREE - Full size Authentik water, a gentle micellar water great for those who travel a lot or for gym goers as no need for water. This product triples up as a cleanser, eye makeup remover and toner in 1.

Energising Duo -  £42.52 Saving £25.66 

Including Perfect clean cleanser, super popular for oily, combination and congested skins. This super gentle cleanser has a gentle AHA action to work deeply into the skin. 

FREE - Full size Glow Essence, a Vitamin C toner that works to brighten, add radiance and clarity and even out the skin tone.

Delicate Duo - £29 Saving £26.20

Suitable for all skin types. Including the Authentik Cleansing Balm which is super gentle but also powerful at removing all traces of makeup and the luxurious texture is perfect to add nourishment for any dryness.

FREE -  Full size Sensi Essence, delicate toner. Softens and protects the skin as well as reducing any sensitivity. 

Further discount also available for VIP Members. 

Please feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss the Duos in more detail or to reserve yours as stock is limited.

And, if you have any cleansing questions do let me know, I love hearing from you.

Sarah x

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