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Looking after your Skin in Autumn - everything you need to know!

It's officially Autumn! The new season means stylish coats, cosy jumpers and chunky books are all on the menu.

While, it's pretty normal to change our wardrobe for the new season, do you make any changes with your skin routine? If the answer is no - don't worry! You are not alone. While this time of year sees an influx of clients coming in with new skin changes or concerns, many don't realise the connection of the changing seasons.

The good news - you don't have to make huge changes to see a big difference but, it is a good idea to start to make subtle tweaks to your routine before you notice your skin changing.

  1. Switch up your cleanser for an Oil or Balm - Skin can begin to feel more drier with the temperatures cooling so opt for a cleanser that will not only clean the skin but help to boost moisture levels too. All skin types can use an oil cleanser - even an oily skin!

2. Omega Supplements - If you have been in my world for any length of time, you will know I am a huge advocate of the use of skin supplements. It is proven that taking good quality supplements (they are not all made the same!) alongside your skin care products can dramatically improve the results of your skin. Skin Omegas are recommended for overall skin health and hydration, providing support for all skin types and are highly recommended for dry skin conditions.

Multiple benefits include: - like an internal moisturiser for the skin - gives skin a luminous glow - nourishes dry skin all over the body - supports skin health

3. Boost your hydration throughout the day - With the use of central heating and the mix of hot and cold temperatures as we move from inside to out, our skin can appear more dehydrated at this time of year. I love to top up my hydration during the day with the Authentik Mist. This hyaluronic acid based spray instantly hydrates and plumps the skin and can be applied multiple times a day without disturbing make up. A handbag essential!

4. SPF is still an essential - Just because the temperatures are not as they were in the summer, does NOT mean we stop wearing SPF each day. Infact, at this time of year the sun can be just as dangerous as it is much lower in the sky. We all love those crisp, sunny, autumn days but please make sure you don't skip your SPF as the UV can still cause damage that breaks down our collagen and elastin network on our skin. Shop my best selling range of SPF's here -

5. Book in for your bespoke skin treatment this Autumn - As much as we try to take care of our skin ourselves at home, sometimes we need a little helping hand. If you haven't already, this is your reminder to take some time out for you and treat your skin to a bespoke skin treatment this season. My most popular treatments at this time of year are always: Skin Peels, Cryo Coolifting and Nourishing Treatments. The heated bed is always on and you can drift away while your skin is suitabily cleansed, hydrated and moisturised with the perfect bespoke recomendations for you. To book visit -

Sarah x

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