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This mask is formulated with yellow clay for helping to control sebum excess and clean the skin without drying. It purifies and soothes the skin. The pores are tightened and the skin is fresh, soft and radiant. It has an unique texture which doesn’t dry in order to absorb and matify while respecting the fragile epidermis of blemish-prone skin.


Content : 50 ml


  • Yellow clay
    This mineral-origin yellow clay allows to absorb sebum excess and tighten pores. It purifies and soothes the skin. Less rich in iron oxide than green clay, the yellow clay is softer for the skin. It contains also a stimulating action thanks to its richness in minerals. MatiSystem complex This association between an extract of Enantia chlorantha, African tree rich in protoberberine, and the oleanolic acid allows a sebum regulation in order to limit excess and their consequences, by acting on several levels: number of active sebaceous glands and the number and maturation of sebocytes.

  • Apply a normal to thick layer once or twice a week taking care to avoid the eye contour area, leave on 15 minutes and rinse off with water.

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