Peel-Perf 100

Peel-Perf 100


Retexturizing double peel
Its creamy texture is packed full of ultra-fine exfoliating silica particles to gently slough away dead skin cells. A trio of retexturizing AHAs (malic, tartaric and glycolic acids) also leaves the skin flawlessly smooth. Renowned for its ultra-moisturizing properties, aloe vera is included for skin-plumping goodness. The skin texture is renewed and refined, the complexion even and wrinkles less visible.


Content : 50 ml

  • Main Active Ingredients

    AHA + Aloe vera

  • Application

    Massage into wet skin on the face in circular motions, and leave on for two to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use no more than twice a week 

  • Results

    Just after two weeks of use 
    100% Smoothed skin* 
    95% Skin texture is refined* 
    90% Effect close to a dermatological peel* 
    Its mineral exfoliating particles are 100% natural and offer all the benefits of a gentle and particularly effective exfoliant for all skin types.