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Welcome to NEWA


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy Now,  Pay Later with KLARNA


Tighter, Lifted & Glowing Skin Leaves You Feeling Great Instantly!


Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Rebuilds and Remodels Healthy New Collagen

FDA Cleared

Painless and Easy to Use

Recommended by skincare expert Sarah Johnson to enhance all bespoke anti ageing skin transformations & results.

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How does NEWA work? 

Collagen and elastin fibers are essential components of the skin which gives your skin shape, lift and support. The collagen fibers are responsible for skin strength and tone. The elastin fibers allow skin flexibility or elasticity. With age, the amount of collagen & elastin fibers in the skin decreases and the amount of production of new fibers slows down. These structural changes cause the skin to loosen causing sagging skin and wrinkles. NEWA, powered by Endymed’s 3DEEP® technology, penetrates controlled energy deep into the skin tissue, stimulating the natural production of new healthier collagen and elastin formation.


*Results from dermatologist led clinical studies in over 120 patients

90% of women 

showed reduction in wrinkles severity after just 4 weeks

82% of women report

"I would recommend NEWA to my friends'

89% of women report

"The NEWA immediately made my skin look and feel tighter"

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What is 3DEEP® technology

and why it is better than other technologies for anti-aging?

3DEEP® is the most advanced generation in the evolution of radio frequency-based technologies for professional skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction treatments. It utilizes the gently warming effects
of naturally occurring, harmless radio waves and delivers the energy exactly where it is needed, deep in the dermal tissue, which is where collagen is formed. Multiple positive and negative electrodes work together in a highly controlled way, enabling precisely targeted energy delivery at the right level for safe and optimal treatment. The energy is directed vertically into the deep dermal tissue, so that very little energy flows along the skin’s surface. 3DEEP® technology keeps the skin surface relatively cool, while achieving the deep-skin heating necessary to optimize production of new collagen.

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How to use NEWA

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