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What are Matis Paris Skin Treatments?

A Parisian brand of excellence, MATIS has been developing its professional experience and its art of care for over 80 years.


MATIS french skincare combines the effectiveness and high sensoriality of the products with the know-how of a unique technique for a beneficial treatment.  

Exclusive professional formulas combined with the signature gestures invite you to moments of well-being that sublimate, emphasize and increase tenfold the most beautiful expressions of beauty, for an immediate visible result.


All treatments are bespoke and tailored to your individual concerns.

From £60.00

What does it feel like?


Matis Paris Skin Treatments are highly relaxing experiences that see many clients drift off into another world


Are there any side effects?



When will I see the results?


Immediately following your treatment, your skin will be glowing! Your personal treatment plan will be discussed during your treatment however, it is recommended to combine Matis Paris treatments alongside other advanced technologies for best results and boosted wellbeing.

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