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Would you like to achieve an ultimate skin renu?

This months Blog post is a super exciting one for me to be sharing because I am finally ready to launch my brand new treatment list and my Signature Treatment!!

You might be thinking what does a Signature treatment mean? A Signature treatment is a treatment exclusively designed by a Facialist or by an individual clinic/salon and can not be found anywhere else.

I wanted to do this for many reasons but mainly because everything I do at Sarah Johnson Facialist is already completely bespoke. I don't provide any treatment where you will find the exact protocol anywhere else and I truly believe this is how I am able to achieve such incredible results.

I have a vast amount of advanced skin machines, devices and results driven products that work incredible alone BUT combined really are something else. This is where the decision to re brand of my current treatment list came about and I began to create my Signature Results Driven Experiences.

I have created 4 individual Signature Experiences all designed to give instant and long lasting results and I am going to be sharing more details on each of those over the coming weeks.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the star of the show, 'The Ultimate Skin Renu'

This is the creme del a creme of skin treatments and promises to make you say "wow!" afterwards. This treatment exclusively created by me is the ultimate in anti ageing results and combines no less than 7 different results driven elements in one 2 hour treatment.

We begin with a Glow Peel to gentle resurface the skin texture, reduce uneven lumps/bumps and to bring back the glow! Next, we move onto the non surgical face lift using a Microcurrent Intense machine. This works on every single facial muscle directly to lift and tone the full face. We follow this with Multi polar Radio Frequency with LED light therapy to stimulate your own collagen production and improve cell regeneration for immediate and long lasting lifting and firming. Then we use Cryo Coolifting to intensely re-hydrate the skin and instantly blast those wrinkles away, we follow this with Sonophoresis Infusion to penetrate the active ingredients even further. We complete the transformation with Cryo Globe stimulation to soothe, calm and tighten further.

"Achieve a total skin renu"

Sarah Johnson Facialist

The name also plays homage to my original name 'Renu Beauty' that I created almost 13 years ago and although I know am now known more as 'Sarah Johnson Facialist' - Renu is something I am still very much proud of and to me sums up how my treatments make you feel and look.

So who is this treatment for?

This is perfect for improving skin texture, radiance boosting, loss of firmness, collagen boosting, skin regeneration, lines & wrinkles, bride to be, red carpet events etc.

Before & After 1 Ultimate Skin Renu

The Ultimate Skin Renu is £135 and is available to book now via my online booking link below or for any questions relating to the Blog post send me an email to

Sarah x

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