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How to stay positive during this time.

As I am writing this latest blog, we are currently half way through the UK's second National Lock down and I know morale is low among so many of us right now that I felt compelled to put together a few tips that I find really help you to keep more positive at times of uncertainty.

Before I dive into them, I want to say that it's absolutely ok to feel low, worried and anxious at a time like this. We are all living with something that we haven't experienced before and no one quite knows how to deal with it so be kind to yourself and don't feel bad for feeling overwhelmed or for feeling negative. We all experience these feelings at some point or another (some people are better at hiding it than others!) and it is ok!

Get up and get ready every day. Even if you don't have anywhere exciting to be it is so important that you keep your morning routine in place and get yourself up and ready. Dossing about in your pjs all day might seem appealing but studies show because we associate pyjamas with bedtime and relaxing it makes it almost impossible to keep yourself motivated to achieve things during the day if you are in that mindset. I find if I'm feeling particularly stressed or negative I can instantly change my mood if I put on a top I really like to wear and a bit of lipstick. Try it! It's so simple but really effective.

Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water every day. This instantly gives you more energy and makes you feel less tired and de-motivated. It's also really good for your skin and helped to keep the skin looking fresher and plumper. Try to avoid too much alcohol, it really doesn't help if you are feeling low in your mood and it causes premature skin ageing! (say no more!)

Get out in the fresh air! Yes, I know it's winter here now and it isn't as appealing as when it's summer but you really must get out at least once a day in the fresh air. A change of scenery really helps to lift your mood and just being outside appreciating nature really helps you to feel more positive.

Communicate. Loneliness is one of the biggest contribution to people feeling low. At the moment, it's hard when we are unable to see all of our friends and family as we normally would but thank goodness we have the amazing thing called a phone now! Reach out to people you trust and care about and send them a thoughtful text or even the old fashioned thing of calling people! Chatting to others really helps you to feel positive and is a good distraction of the daily worries we have. I also really like to send little token presents to the people that I care about through the post and I know when I have received similar things to myself from friends, it really cheers me up. Facetime/Skype is also such an amazing thing we are lucky enough to have access to nowadays and really helps us to feel more connected.

Relax and practice some self care. Self care comes in all different shapes and sizes but when you feel low and negative, spending some time on yourself to do something you enjoy really helps to make you feel more positive. This could be as simple as getting an early night and having a good sleep. Tiredness always makes you feel 100 times worse. Getting a good rest helps you to feel more energetic and look better resulting in you feeling better. It really is a simple thing that makes a difference. Try putting some time aside and pamper yourself. A nice hot bubble bath and a book always cheers me up or why not try a home facial, take the time to use products you might not usually use like a nice face mask. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you will look better too.

If you would like to purchase a Sarah Johnson Home Facial Kit just follow the link below:

Let me know if you have any other tips on how to stay positive and if you try any of my tips I'd love you to let me know if they help.

Sarah x

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