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Are you ready for a Skin Transformation?

One of the things I have always loved most about working in the beauty industry is the ability to really make a visible difference to how someone looks and feels after they have been to see me. I get a real buzz out of helping clients not only on the surface but on a deeper, emotional level as well.

Many of my clients, come to see me with skin problems or concerns that they have had for many months or in some cases, many years. When talking to them during their initial skin consultations, I really like to find out exactly how these concerns effect them in their lives and just how they make them feel. This isn't to make them feel low or upset, but it's to find out exactly the impact these concerns have on their life to help us to understand what difference it will make overall when we make considerable improvements to their skin. Sometimes we don't realise just how much something can impact us until we really stop to consider it. By stopping and asking how you will feel when you achieve a particular skin goal or take away a skin concern you've had for some time, it really allows us to see the bigger picture.

I genuinely believe that we have to be in a certain stage in our 'problem' to be really ready to solve it. Many people will say they have skin problems or concerns but when they are really asked what they have done or are currently doing to try and help solve that problem, for lots of people, it won't be much, if anything at all.

You see, you have to have reached a certain point when the problem or concern becomes your priority. In life we have lots of different priorities at different times of our lives, but when you reach that point where that skin concern is your priority OR more importantly, you have a specific skin goal that becomes your priority, you are finally ready to commit to solving or in goal terms, achieve it.

Commitment is a word my clients hear me say A LOT and I will always ask my client if they are truly committed to solving their skin concern or committed to achieving their skin goal before I offer them a solution. Commitment will only ever come when you have reached that point where your goal becomes your priority (see above) as we prioritise what we feel is most important to us and therefore become committed to achieving it.

Skin Transformation takes a commitment of time and I am always honest and upfront with my clients about this fact. Unfortunately there are no 'quick fixes' (none that last long term anyway!) To see real long lasting results, all of my skin transformation clients begin a bespoke anti ageing programme, tailored to them. These programmes vary in length but usually are a minimum of 3-6 months and can last anything up to 12 months.

The bespoke anti ageing programmes I put together include a combination of professional treatments, prescribed home care and potentially some life style changes. I prescribe all clients skin supplements to start from day 1 and I wholeheartedly believe that you won't reach your skin's maximum potential unless you do all of these steps, which is why I build it all into one bespoke programme.

All clients will need to have a level of maintenance after their initial programme and it really is an on going process to keep up the results and to monitor the skin for changes as we age or go though health or hormonal issues. I like to review all of my maintenance clients at least every 6 months to ensure we are still on the correct path and targeting the current skin goals. The skin is constantly changing and by regularly assessing this, we maintain results and target any new issues as soon as they arise.

Hearing the words 'You have transformed my skin' from a client makes me feel so privileged and excited. It's so much more than skin deep, the results visibly improve client's confidence and this can be life changing for many.

Have you got a particular skin concern or skin goal you would like to achieve?

Are you ready for your Skin Transformation?

I am currently running an exciting new '4 Week Introduction To Skin Transformation Programme' that will see you start your bespoke skin journey right now and see results starting in as little as 4 weeks.

or email me any questions to

I can't wait to work with you.

Sarah x

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