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What is Cryo Coolifting?

The Coolifting gun combines low temperatures, a powerful CO2 flow and a high concentration of atomized active ingredients.


When using the combination of very high pressure and low temperatures, the active ingredients effectively saturate and are absorbed into the skin. 


The high pressure and thermal shock to the skin causes a deep and instantaneous reaction in the skin. The blood vessels simultaneously contract and relax bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area whilst assisting the removal of waste products.


When the blood cells are exposed to high concentrations of carbon dioxide, they flip their conformation. The well documented 'Bohr' effect explains that the red blood cells will release their oxygen content to counteract the carbon dioxide, as a result of a rise in the ph. level. The result is that the facial tissues are left oxygenated and look luminous and healthy.


The serum molecules which are sprayed on the face, begin to diffuse through the epidermis. The molecules start to swell and replenish the natural hyaluronic levels, which plumps up the skin from below and softens and flattens the fine lines and wrinkles. 


This improves skin elasticity, circulation and encourages collagen production and repair. 

From £40.00

What does it feel like?


Clients will feel a tingling sensation accompanied by the cold gas pressure. You are asked to keep your eyes and mouth closed for the duration of the treatment which is only 4 minutes


Are there any side effects?


The treatment can cause slight redness on the skin which does reduce quickly. 

The serum is massaged into the skin following the use of the gun however, there is a slight tacky residue that can be felt on the skin directly after the treatment. You are advised to leave the serum on the skin before cleansing for as long as possible so the results can continue to work. Refrain from makeup until the next day if possible.

When will I see the results?


Results are seen instantly and will continue to improve within a few hours after the treatment. This treatment is suitable to be added onto most other advanced treatments to really elevate results.

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