Skin Transformations

New Client Skin Transformation Process

STEP 1 - Online Questionnaire

I believe that every client and every skin is unique, which is why I have created my 3 Step New Client Method to allow me to take the time to understand your current skin concerns, your future skin goals and to assess whether a Skin Transformation Programme is suitable for you. 

If you are interested in working with me, I will initially ask you to complete a new client questionnaire.


This will allow me to understand the core elements of your skin concerns and once I receive your completed questionnaire back, you will be invited for a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to discuss the details together further and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Please consider, I only work with clients who are serious about achieving their skin goals and I will discuss with you the commitment and dedication required to achieve this.

To request your complimentary new client questionnaire, click on the link below.




STEP 2 - Discovery Telephone Call

Following your completed questionnaire, we will arrange a time to have a complimentary 15 minute discovery

telephone call.

During this call, I will ask you about your specific skin concerns in more detail and discuss potential treatment options as well as programme suitability. 

I will also discuss with you the dedication and investment required for a Skin Transformation Programme and if we agree we are a good fit for each other, you will be invited in to the salon for an Advanced Skin Analysis & Consultation*


*A £50 fee is charged for the Skin Analysis and Consultation in salon. 

STEP 3 - Advanced Skin Analysis & Consultation - £50

Here, we look at where your skin is currently using an Advanced Skin Analysis Device which will assess the skin on 7 different parameters at a 30 x zoom.

We then combine the results of this and your initial discovery call to discuss the steps involved to achieve the end result you desire.

At this point, I will have the knowledge and data to present to you the exact bespoke solution best recommended to you, to transform your skin and provide long term anti ageing results.

My bespoke Anti Ageing Skin Programmes provide you with 12 weeks of Advanced Skin Treatments, Full Prescribed Home care, Skin Supplements, Professional Support and Accountability and an opportunity to join my highly regarded VIP Membership Programme.

You have the option of Payment in 3 Installments or in Full when you begin.

All non surgical solutions are required to have some form of maintenance and this will be explained during your consultation.

Regular Skin Reviews are also recommended every 3-6 months.