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The ultimate collection to take care of the delicate eye area.


The Eye area is the biggest concern for most women and is usually always the place where we see the signs of ageing first.


In this limited edition eye collection you receive 2 full size products dedicated to the delicate eye area.


The Recomfort Eye Mask is a powerful mask created to use around the eye contour once or twice per week either alone or in conjuntion with your chosen face mask.


Containing marine based elastin, this product will smooth, plump and hydrate the eye area as well as help to reduce the appearance of dark circles. 


You can also use the mask over the lashes (natural lashes only) to nourish and repair eyelashes.


Leave on for 15 minutes then remove with the second product in the collection - Micell Eyes.


Micell Eyes is a gentle eye cleanser suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes.

It can be also be used on eye lash extensions.


As well as been used to remove the Recomfort Eye Mask, Micell Eyes is a fantastic product to help soothe tired eyes and is incredibly calming for any hayfever sufferers. 


Top Tip - Store in the fridge for extra cooling relief.


In this incredible limited edition collection, you only pay for the Recomfort Eye Mask and you receive a full size Micell Eyes absolutely FREE!*


*Micell Eyes usual price £22.64

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