Sensibiotic Peel

Sensibiotic Peel


Granule-free scrub, sensitive and reactive skins This granule-free scrub respects the epidermis of the most fragile skins, eliminates dead cells, impurities and soothes the skin. Its enzymatic action combined with the soothing effect of its active ingredients restore softness and luminosity to the skin. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Sensibiotic-Peel differs by its immediate peeling action AND its long-term feeling of soothing. The skin is clean and soothed, with softness and radiance restored. Its creamy and enveloping texture provides instant comfort. Intended for women of all ages with sensitive and reactive skin. Dermatologically tested.


Content : 50 ml

  • Main Active Ingredients

    Gentle exfoliating enzyme + Saffron flower

  • Application

    Apply once a week to the entire face, including the lip and eye contour areas. Leave on for five minutes without massage, and rinse off with Sensi-Essence toner.