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This balancing serum shrinks pores and is an effective solution for blemish-prone skin. At the heart of this formula, the association of different active ingredients allows the skin to recover its balance and clarity. The skin texture is visibly improved and the pore size is reduced. Its light, meltingly soft texture will be absorbed quickly, leaving skin refreshed


Content : 30 ml

Pure Serum

  • MatiSystem complex
    This association of an extract of Enantia Chlorantha, African tree rich in protoberberine, and oleanolic acid allows a regulation of sebum secretion thanks to a diminution of sebocytes and thus the produced quantity of sebum. It limits the sebum excess and their consequences, reduces shine and pore size but also has a refining action on the skin texture. Regulator of the cutaneous flora This regulating active ingredient, obtained from natural sugars, stimulates the growth of beneficial flora (saprophytic flora) to the detriment of undesirable flora (pathogen). The dermal microflora is rebalanced.

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