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Day LIFT serum is a real targeted care against skin aging. It combines a lifting active ingredient, with a regenerating biotechnological active ingredient for an express beauty result.

Night PLUMP serum combines plumping hyaluronic acid with an antioxidant extract from Edelweiss. A youth infusion for a smoother and plumper skin.


Content : 7 ml

Lift & Plump

  • Mono-shots LIFT:
    Lifting + biotechnological active ingredients 
    The formula is optimized for a reinforced lifting action. Two active ingredients act dynamically. One activates cell renewal and improves the barrier function for a smoothing action, the other acts as a second skin with lifting effect and mimics the qualities and features of the skin to maintain skin comfort.

    Mono-shots PLUMP:
    Plumping hyaluronic acid + Edelweiss extract 
    An ultra moisturizing formula, combining hyaluronic acid, known to act as a reservoir, that can hold up to 20 times its weight in water to an extract of Eldelweiss. The Eldelweiss flower, accustomed to extreme weather conditions, has developed protective qualities to survive. Luteolin in particular derived from the extract, promotes the maintenance of elasticity and tone of the skin by inhibiting the degradation of hyaluronic acid.

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