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Radiance exfoliating mask Overworked by an active life, women often do not have the time to take time for themselves and therefore to take care of their skin regularly. However, exfoliation and mask steps are essential for beautiful and radiant skin. This double-action treatment, both mask and enzymatic exfoliation helps refine the skin texture, unify the complexion and reveal its radiance. Perfect to boost and reawake the skin’s radiance in a few minutes! The skin texture is refined and smoothed. The skin is free of impurities and more luminous. The complexion is even and radiant. Its pearly gel texture coats the skin in a refreshing layer. Intended for women of all ages with lacking radiance. Dermatologically tested.


Content : 50 ml

Glow Peel Off

  • Exfoliating enzyme + Optimized Vitamin C

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