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Celebrating 85 Years of Matis

This month is an exciting month for me as I am celebrating the 85th Anniversary of Matis Paris. Matis is a brand who has withstood the test of time, transcending trends in a reflection of the women it embodies: independent, forward-thinking, fulfilled and elegant, a worldwide symbol of Parisian chic at its finest.

It all started back in 1936 when Dr. Mavromati set up his dispensary on Rue Fontaine, in Paris' 9th arrondissement. In his back room, he formulated a handful of products that he shared with the neighborhood's ladies, who were delighted to find a pharmacist with an interest in their complexions right on their doorstep.

Because skin reflects the beauty and emotions of every women - lively vibrant, innate - it is worthy of our unwavering care and respect.

Docteur Mavromati

Founder of Matis

In 1946, Dr Mavromati's son who was formerly employed at L'Oreal, took over and during the 1950s, Mavromati's son fused the effectiveness of elastin and collagen, by packaging them up in medical style ampoules: a true revolution in its time. This was to serve as the roadmap that would guide Matis going forward, marking the brand out as an innovative pioneer at the cutting edge, on a constant quest for effectiveness.

The sixties saw the Mavromati laboratory create lots of fresh ideas from the Biophyl ampoules and first ever lifting massage, to the first liposome-packed serums that paved the way for the cellular cosmetics trend.

In 1977, the success of Matis caught the eye of Delalande, and the pharmaceuticals group decided to aquire the laboratory from the Mavromati family. The following years allowed Matis to upgrade in terms of quality and to align with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards while elevating its expertise and creativity.

That same year, the Matissimes were launched, the laboratory's very first comprehensive range featuring products centered on 'super foods' such as grapefruit, avocado, and mandarin.

In 1981 the Matis laboratory left the Delalande group and re branded as Matis Paris and Mr Camboulive, a chemist by trade and his wife headed the company. The couple continued to uphold Dr. Mavromati's values: a firm belief that sensory and emotional aspects must be paired with product action for total effectiveness.

The 80s and 90s was a decade that ensued a whirlwind of products aimed at beauty therapists such as single dose professional kits and the very first fruit acid based exfoliators and was a revelation for beauty professionals who found their technical expertise was enhanced by the effectiveness of the products.

For the consumers, this period marked the dawning of the very first serums, the Activateurs that evolved to become Les Forces a dozen years later. This decade also saw the arrival of the ultra effective Fundamental Cream, which is still a cult classic today.

Matis burst into the 21st century with Time Reverse, the very first 'Botox-like' treatment product with incredible results. The brand restructured into 'Reponses' (meaning 'Solutions' in french)

Following on from the success of Time Reverse, Reponse Corrective emerged as an alternative to cosmetic procedures. In 2006, this contemporary range began using renowned, proven cosmetic active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid in products that replicated cosmetic enhancements such as Botox and hyaluronic acid injections and microdermabrasion.

A series of extraordinary, innovative products at the cutting edge of cosmetology followed suit, scooping up prizes and awards along the way: AvantAge Jeunesse in 2008, a product based on activating synthesis of cellular longevity proteins sirtuins, the Densifiance line, featuring the skin-structuring DensiDerm complex designed to boost action aimed at retaining skin elasticity and firmness, the Cell Expert Signature serum, a beauty elixir based on white rose stem cells, the prebiotics-based Delicate cream that tends to the microbiome in ultra-sensitive skin types, and more.

Today, the Matis brand remains true to itself and its French-made values, pouring its tried and tested expertise into elegantly crafted products that combine effectiveness and sensory appeal, with the focus on listening to what its customers truly need, interacting with beauty consultants to consistently improve, and forever bringing women more products, with better results, each a little different every time. These qualities explain why Matis is still standing prouder than ever 85 years later, a french-made brand women love to recommend and share.

An authentic brand with soul.

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