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What is the Glow Peel?

A corrective peel inspired by medical techniques to give a powerful effect for a transformed skin texture. This AHA rich treatment is highly effective at smoothing skin, correcting wrinkles and for revealing a more luminous and uniform complexion.


This treatment works on the canvas of the skin and is recommended prior to other skin rejuvenation treatments.


The Glow Peel contains 20% AHA Glycolic and Mandelic acid combined. It is a gentle and smoothing chemical peel that has three actions:


 Keratolytic action - this affects the ionic bonds and stability of the stratum corneum, which will cause a gradual peel.


Anti Ageing action - The peel stimulates the synthesis of GAGS and restores the skin's elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and fades age spots.


Re-balancing action - The peel improves skin hydration and purifies the skin.

What does it feel like?


You are likely to feel some mild tingling or itching when the peel is first applied to the skin. This is completely normal and is a sign the treatment is working correctly. This sensation will reduce within a couple of minutes of application. 


Are there any side effects?


You may experience some redness and slight sensitivity following the peel. Avoid exfoliation at home for 1 week following a skin peel. You are also advised to keep out of the sun immediately after and to wear SPF daily.


When will I see the results?


Immediately following one peel, your skin will be smoothed and your texture renewed. For even further results, a course of 4 treatments taken weekly is recommended. 

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